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December 10, 2021
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Journey for Governor

December 15th, 2021

I am sure many of you are asking why would an unknown, nobody, seek the office of Governor. I never realized until today December 15th, 2021, why I embarked on this journey. I have been a sinner most of my life, like we all have; For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. I have been through a lot in my life and have never really understood why I have gone through some of the things I have, much self- induced, some not. Today I realized that I was being prepared for this moment in time, and never knew why exactly. I know exactly why today.

I had to walk away from my twin girls a little over 5 years ago when they were almost 9 years old. It was government that forced me to walk away because of the indifference a system uses that was supposedly meant to protect our children and honestly mediate the situation at hand. Specifically, the Department of Child Safety, and the Office of Child and Welfare investigation (DCS and OCWI respectively). These departments took away my faith in God as I believed what God could allow, in my eyes at the time, such atrocities, which, beat me down, and forced me to walk away from my girls so that they could live a life of not being continually harassed and questioned by DCS and OCWI. I still have shared custody of my girls, legally, but haven’t seen or talked to them in over 5 years because we have a system that does not use common sense.

These departments are there to appease parents and not do what is in our children’s best interests as it was designed. In my case, the court knew there was something wrong, but never stood up to the plate so to speak either. I went through counseling with a Catholic Counselor who I won’t name, but he tried to tell me this was happening for a reason, and it was part of God’s plan. I am not Catholic by the way, and I had a hard time believing this, but the counseling kept me from being overly reactive to what I was going through. I told him I had lost my faith in God because of what was happening. How could any God allow a person to make so many unsubstantiated charges against another parent, and any government department support that? For what it’s worth, I have the records to substantiate all of this, some of it is public record also. I know many, many parents have gone through this, we all know it’s not a perfect system, and I do intend to make this part of our system much better.

These are the things/actions that have prepared me for this run for Governor. These things also taught me not to be reactive and gave me the strength to go through just about anything. I believe this was my preparation for the things people will try to degrade me with in my past. Many of you know what it’s like to lose something precious to government. Some do not but do know hardships and injustice. I won’t be knocked off my perch, so to speak, as this is the duty I know I was meant to take on, and God has prepared me for, though I never knew why exactly until today. My father’s political experience and wisdom no doubt plays a key role here as well.

After losing my faith in God from this truly horrible and evil ordeal I kept asking how could God do this to a family? I was living through horrible physical (neck trauma and both shoulders, as well as upper and lower sciatica nerve pain) and emotional pain that I still wonder how I made it through to this day.

Then about a year ago just before my last neck surgery I watched a presentation called the Star of Bethlehem. To watch if you are interested, go to and check it out. Very powerful stuff. Kepler’s and Newton’s mathematical equations and the ability of a program called Starry Night to look back in time and compare the scripture to the stars, planets, and moon, proves Jesus’ existence to me and is what restored my faith in our Savior and God. I feel that my restored faith is what put me on this journey and my life experiences are what prepared me for this job of Governor.

It was shortly after this restored faith that my life began to change. My surgery was very successful and major physical pain was no longer part of my life. With my faith restored and long needed medical treatment I finally received, my drinking slowed to almost nothing immediately, I gave up all forms of drugs to relieve pain. It was shortly after this that I thought I needed to somehow make a change in Government so that others would never have to experience what I went through and make other needed changes along the way. The thought of running for Governor started running through my mind, as I knew this was the position I could make the needed changes from, so that others wouldn’t go through what I did. Then other ideas and initiatives started to surface in my mind which you can read about on my website.

In short, today I realize why God put me through hell (some self-induced) and then gave me the faith to pursue this journey I am on to help others and their children, to restore justice, bring back integrity, stop government overreach, eliminate unfair taxation, and restore liberty along the way.

I feel that my restored faith is what put me on this journey to hopefully become the next Governor of Arizona. God prepared me to take on this position as Governor and then gave me my faith back to serve him and others to the best of my ability.