November 8th, 2022









My Initiatives 

I'm not a politician or public speaker, I'm an everyday business owner that wants to see change, so here's my first video for you guys to get to know me and hear a bit more about my initiatives. Help get me on the ballot and I know I can make the changes you want to see. #ElbridgeAZ #azgovernor #azgovernor2022


What I believe in

Election Integrity: Mail-in Ballots must be eliminated.

Stop the Illegal Immigration at our Southern Border.

Start protecting our children instead of exploiting them.

No Vaccine Mandates or Passports.


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"My name is Elbridge Gerry Walker, and I am running for Governor of Arizona in 2022. I believe Arizona needs real leadership at this crucial point in our state’s history. My family goes all the way back to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and U.S Constitution. I would like to bring that spirit of Freedom, Independence and Liberty back to the Governor’s office."

Elbridge Gerry Walker

*Remember Independent voters may sign my E-Qual nominating Petition, as well as vote for Republicans on the Primary Ballot August 2, 2022. I will need Independents, as well as Republicans to get involved to be your next Governor.

My Stance on Important State Issues

This is WALKER

Election Integrity
Mail-in Ballots become Mail-out Ballots. Since the Post Office and their vehicles cannot be adequately surveilled, Mail-in Ballots must be eliminated. Mail-out Ballots accomplish the security and common sense needed to have faith in our electoral process again. Mail-out Ballots give people the needed time to research the Ballot and easily vote for their choices in a time frame that is comfortable for the voter. Mail-out ballots will be collected at the precinct where the voting would take place. There will be a separate ballot box for Mail-out Ballots. Signature verification will occur at the time the voter drops the Mail-out Ballot in the Ballot Box. Votes will be counted at the precinct level using Analog Counters. No more Central Counting Centers and waiting up to a week for results. Poll Watchers must have easy access to the entire process, which, can only occur at the smaller precinct level. This will not affect absentee ballots.
Stop Illegal Immigration
Stop the Illegal Immigration Invasion at our Southern Border. I will propose that the Legislature fund building our wall at the Southern Border in all areas where the State owns land or land is privately owned. I will work with private landowners to purchase the required land to build and patrol our border. Use eminent domain when required. Work with any Indian Reservations as well that may own land on our border. It is highly doubtful the federal government under the Biden administration and the current Democratic/Socialist Congress will sell us land owned on the border by the feds to build a wall. This is where personnel is needed. I will make use of our National Guard first and if more help is needed, I will ask for additional funding for more border patrol agents by deputizing former Law Enforcement and Border Patrol Officers. I will require that these new deputized agents pass competency tests prior to service. I would also propose that we fast track legal immigrant applications into Arizona that will benefit our State with higher degrees of learning or special trade skills that our State is lacking and needs. The only stipulation is that all immigrants assimilate under our U.S, and State Constitutions. I do not support Sharia Law or any other religious law beliefs that would contradict our U.S and State Constitutions.
Protect our Children
I will propose that all teachings of Critical Race Theory and LGBT stances, be banned. Since religion can’t be taught, these stances shouldn’t be either. These toxic theories and stances only confuse our children’s young minds. Boys will compete against biological boys, and girls against biological girls. Same for bathrooms. Teachers will have their pay based on performance and those who perform well in their districts get better pay. No teachings of Islam will be allowed, unless through the private sector. Allow school choice, and taxpayer money to follow that choice, whether Public, Private or Charter. We also need to Reform DCS and OCWI to benefit our children. No more continual baseless attacks by one parent against the other. Once a parent has made 3 false or unsubstantiated accusations against the other, the false accuser will be prosecuted with jail time. It will be known as the 3 strikes rule. I have personally had the system exploited against me, and my children, using DCS and OCWI as a harassment tool. This is very dangerous for any family unit’s well-being, not to mention being a very unnecessary cost to taxpayers. It appears fatherless homes are okay with these Departments that are supposed to protect and benefit our children. Due Process must be restored to all equally. Family Courts must be mandated to follow up on all orders and rulings they make for the benefit of the children. No Government Agency should have the power to prosecute without legal proceedings that treat both parties equally with Due Process.
Create an Automated Payment Transaction Tax or APT Tax
This tax would replace all State Income and Sales Tax. It is the only fair taxation system that doesn’t provide loopholes for any class of individual or business. The only exception would be on the Bank side of dispensing money. There would never be an income tax form again for individuals to worry about. It would be businesses responsibility to file a monthly or quarterly tax collections form. It makes the playing field equal for those starting a business or those already established. Much easier to enforce as well. Use the ASU Economics Department to determine the total dollar amount of annual transactions in the State. Set a rate that would collect 15-20% above what would be revenue neutral. Use the surplus to fund bringing water into Arizona along with curbing illegal immigration. My estimation is the APT tax would be around 1.5%. It is not a VAT tax.
Solve Arizona's Water Crisis
Build a Desalination Plant south of Puerto Penasco, Mexico and use the USMCA to facilitate the project. Using California to facilitate this is foolhardy at best. Look no further than Poseidon Water LLC who has been waiting for 15 years to get the permits to build a 50 million gallon per day (GPD) plant in Huntington Beach. Arizona can’t wait that long. Nor does Arizona want to get into the extreme regulatory costs associated with California. Instead of pumping all the sea salt back into the ocean, store it on land with a barrier between the salt and the ground, and then cover it. The salt can be sold and replenished as needed. I would propose a 300-400 million gallon per day capability. Based on 100 GPD usage per person, that would supply water for 3-4 million residents and assure Arizona would have the water for future growth. Pump the water as far north as Lake Powell with spur lines all along the way. Provide Mexico with 5-10% of the total production as payment or partial payment.
No COVID-19 Mandates
No Vaccine Mandates or Passports. Mask use would be voluntary. Vaccinating our children with an experimental vaccine is not the wisest of ideas in my opinion.
Expand Adoption opportunities as an alternative to Abortion
I support no abortions after 10-12 weeks or when a baby can feel pain. It is cruel after that. As someone who was adopted at a week old, we should be coming up with ideas to make mothers more comfortable with adoption. I would propose at 6-8 weeks or prior, that a mother, if interested, be given 7-8 choices of different parents that she can meet with and choose where her baby will go if she decides to carry the child full term. Allow payments of up to a total of $20,000 to be given to the carrying mother directly from the parents she chooses. Adopting Parents should pay for all of Mother’s medical bills associated with the pregnancy. This would create at least some incentive for the mother to carry the child all the way to birth.
Create incentives for Plasma Incineration
Arizona could lead the nation in waste disposal. Plasma arc recycling burns hot enough it reduces waste by 99.9999%. It turns trash into a gas, which, then can be used to convert to power production. It burns almost all hazardous waste such as PCB’s, Pesticides, Gas and oil, Batteries and Pharmaceuticals to name a few. What is left in its final stage is a rocky solid that can be used for building materials. The need for large spaces for landfills is eliminated. There are no harmful gases emitted as they are burned for energy production.
Homeless Crisis
Build modest, yet functional Homeless Facilities for our “Veterans in Need” near current VA care facilities. Use Public and Private funds to construct and maintain the facilities. Not right that illegal immigrants can have better benefits in some cases than our Veterans.
Reinstate the Homestead Act
Put State lands into a lottery system where people can pay a small amount of money, say $50, to try and win 5 to 20 acre tracts of State land depending on location. Have such lotteries every other year, and make approximately 800-1000 acres available for such a lottery. Give people a chance to build wealth through Real Estate.
Senior Citizen Support
I will support our Senior Citizens through discounted state licensing fees, drug prices, and housing wherever it is possible. I will try and make sure all drugs and treatments for coronavirus and any other conditions are available. We will work to get back to your doctor knows what is best for you and not the Government whenever possible. I support repealing the Affordable Care Act.
I support the 1st & 2nd Amendments
I am strong supporter of our 1st and 2nd Amendments, along with the remaining Amendments in our Bill of Rights.
I support our Law Enforcement Officers 100%
I support our military personnel 100%
I support our military personnel 100% and will always welcome them or their facilities to our State.

Elbridge Walker

Arizona needs real leadership at this crucial point in our state’s history.




*Remember Independent voters may sign my E-Qual nominating Petition, as well as vote for Republicans on the Primary Ballot August 2, 2022. I will need Independents, as well as Republicans to get involved to be your next Governor.