“I am 59 years old and a lifelong Republican.”
November 24, 2021
It’s my duty to serve the people of Arizona
December 3, 2021

My father was the Southcentral Republican committee chairman of Alaska for 12 years, so I grew up around a lot of prominent Republicans from Alaska. My father actually was given the honor of casting one of the three Electoral College votes for Ronald Reagan in the ’80s. I grew up in Alaska but have spent much of my adult life since the late ’70s in Arizona as well. I remember when Interstate 10 coming in from the west turned into Buckeye Rd and there was no freewaythrough Southern Phoenix. There have been major changes throughout Phoenix and the State in my 40 years here. I have been an Arizona Resident since February of 2011. I believe I have the innovative ideas needed to propel the Stateforward in this technological age we live in. I want to make a difference like my family member Elbridge Gerry did when he signed the Declaration of Independence at the age of 32.